Motivation Monday #21: Who is your adviser?


Happy New Year.

As you make plans and goals for the new year, be careful who or what you consult for advice. Are you sharing your goals with negative and cynical people who will only discourage and water down your plans. Seek advice and direction from people with experience and the right attitude for success. Consult credible sources both online and offline.

Have a Prosperous and DARING 2017.





  1. Wise words. I think at times we are happy to share our joy with others that we might not always be selective with whom we share our dreams. There are those who will support you in your goal getting. Then, we have the false ones, the dream killers who are eager to throw cold water on our visions. May your new year be prosperous!

  2. Good advice. I think we often seek advice from the wrong people, whether out of naiveté, bad habits, fear or because we feel like we have nowhere else to turn. We need to either find the right people to seek advice from or look within ourselves.

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