Candle in the Dark



This is a candle i have had with me for close to ten years. It keeps disappearing and appearing in my house for all that time.

I took this photo on one of the nights when i was really down. So much was happening around me and i felt so overwhelmed. Tired of life and all that was happening.

Just sitting and watching the yellow flame gently glow in the darkness brought some peace and space to sort my thoughts. Isn’t it refreshing just to have that one person who sits with you through the hard and confusing times? They do not offer advice or keep badgering you to talk, they just walk with you in silence as you try to sort out your maze of confusion.

That candle glowing brightly and silently on a dark Saturday night challenged me to be that friend who offers light and peace to my loved ones, walking with them when life is crazy. Just being the candle in the dark.


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