Motivation Monday 13: Live a life that matters



This last weekend our family held a memorial to celebrate the life of our maternal grandfather who died 51 years ago. He was a teacher and also a church minister. I never got the honour of meeting him but my siblings and I have heard so much about him.

Jason Kilee was a man who believed in education and mentorship and supported a good number of young men and women through their education and careers. These people are now in their 70s and 80s but still remember the words he told them or what he did for them. My grandfather was not materially rich but he had a big heart and selflessly reached out to anyone who needed his help.

He may be gone for the last 5 decades but his legacy remains. Most of the people whose lives he touched went on to become great influences in society.

What kind of life are you creating? Will it just end when you die or will your influence continue through others? Are you just existing and going through the motions of life? Strive to live a life that influences another person positively. Build a life that will live beyond you.





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