Dare To Be


Remember when you were a kid? How everything looked possible. With an imagination so big and vivid. How you were certain that you could change the world?

Then you grew up and the vivid imagination was replaced by fear and doubt. Fear of failure, Fear of what they will say, Fear of looking stupid.

Many good opportunities have passed me. Not because i was incompetent or lacked potential, it was because of i was afraid and terrified. Fear of failure , Fear of the unknown have paralyzed me more times than i can imagine. Fear of being rejected if I reach out to another human being.

This blog Dare To Be is my action to dealing with fear of the unknown and fear of what others may think. It is an opportunity for me to speak what is in my mind.,

So just for today, say No to Fear. Do that one thing that you are terrified of but will lead you to become a better version of you.

Just for today, Be Daring

Dare to reach out

Dare to be Kind

Dare to try

Dare to reach your potential

Dare to be Happy

Dare to speak the truth that you hold inside

Dare to speak up for yourself

Dare to speak up for another 

Dare to love and appreciate yourself

Dare to believe

Dare to be true to yourself

Dare to act on your dreams and plans







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