Be so good, they can’t ignore you


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Most of us associate the term “brand” with an organization or a product. But what about people? Can an individual be a brand?

Anyone can develop their own personal brand whether they are celebrities or not.A strong personal brand will enhance your life and reputation no matter what field you are in.

So how can one develop a personal brand?

1. Define your brand. What do you want to be known for? What do you want to be associated with?

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses. This calls for an honest look at your life and picking out what you are good at. Capitalize on those strengths. Know your weak areas and work on improving them.

3. Reputation matters. Build your reputation . Be a reliable person, one who keeps their word. Guard your reputation jealously. Establish credibility.

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4. Image can make or break you. How do you dress? Does your image communicate sloppy and careless or confident and reliable? One does not have to break the bank to dress well but neat and presentable dressing fit for the occasion is enough. Clean up your online image. Social media gives us freedom to express opinions but can be what breaks your personal brand.

5. Network. Take time to deliberately meet and connect with other people. Attend events that will give you an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with others. Listen and learn. Offer to assist others reach their goals . Maintain and keep growing your networks.

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Stand Out

6. Know your stuff. Are you in accounting or business but have no idea of the latest technologies being used in your field. Take time to learn no study the current trends in your field. With technology available now, one has no excuse not to keep learning and improving their skills. Learning is a life long process.

7. Be visible. Write, make presentations. Strive to become the “Go to” person in your field. When people think about your field, are you one of the people that comes to mind? Learn the art of self promotion which should not be confused with bragging. Self promotion is an opportunity to showcase your skill and your willingness to use that skill to bring value to an organization or to an individual.

Personal branding is about managing your name—even if you don’t own a business—in a world of misinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Going on a date? Chances are that your “blind” date has Googled your name. Going to a job interview? Ditto.
– Tim Ferriss

8. Strive for Excellence. Whatever you do, do it well and with passion.  Mediocrity is easier but does nothing to promote your personal brand. Find ways to produce value.

9. Have a mentor. Everyone needs someone to look up to. Someone to guide your other with one-on-one sessions or by learning from studying their lives.


10. Be yourself. Build your brand around your authentic self. People connect with other people and if you appear fake it will be hard to be trusted.

Building a personal brand takes time. As you begin to fine tune your brand, opportunities begin to come your way. Remember to enjoy, savour and learn from the process.



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