Complicated? Yes? No?



That is what i am

restless _Pixabay

Photo: Pixabay

There is this nagging feeling deep inside.

A feeling that there could be more.

A feeling that there is much more to life

A feeling of fear and anxiety.

Fear that i am living at a very limited percentage of my potential

Fear that i am beginning to get too comfortable in my comfort zone

Feeling that life might end before i fulfill my full potential in life

I feel that there is much more out there.

The voices in my head seem not to silence.

They are competing, each trying to be louder that the other

Sometimes the voices are drowned by fear

Or is fear also part of the voices? Fear of the unknown?

Most times, i do not know what i am afraid of

I have this strong feeling that there is more i could be doing

Feeling like i am not serving my God-given gift to the world as i should.

That i should focus my energy on things that fulfill my purpose

I want to be out in nature

I want to savour life

I want to appreciate beauty and art

I want to inspire people

I want to meet and interact with real people. So real that you can almost see and touch their hearts

So real you see the demons that torment them in their silence.

I get tired of pretense. Like you have to be something or someone so as to be accepted

Sometimes i feel caught up in a trap.

The rat race trap. Work for a living? Living to work? I don’t even know anymore.

Dare to live life at its fullest

Dare to be all that i can be

Dare to serve my gift and purpose to the benefit of the world

Complicated! Yes? No?




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